, 10 June 2013
RE:        The Truth About Quitting Smoking

From:    Paul Peyton   (Ex ‘30 a day’ smoker)

Dear Soon to be Ex-Smoker,

You’re probably reading this because you’re worried about your health and realize you need to quit smoking.  Or perhaps cigarettes are becoming too expensive, and you can’t afford to keep buying them anymore.  

But I’m also guessing that you’ve probably tried to quit more than once – maybe trying different methods – but something keeps dragging you back to them...  

You get bad-tempered and depressed when you try to quit.  You just enjoy them too much.
They relax you.   They help you focus.   You just can’t help yourself after a couple of drinks.  “Now’s just not the right time”…    Sound familiar?  

But what if I told you:

           That the methods you’d been using to quit were actually making it harder,
        not easier?

           That quitting smoking doesn’t have to be difficult at all

           That you could stop today, and wake up tomorrow without any anxiety,
              stress or  terrible cravings

Imagine if you could easily use the same method that allowed me – a heavy smoker for more than 14 years – to permanently quit overnight...  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  

Well, guess what - you can.   In fact, ANYONE can do it.  

But first, you need to understand where you've gone wrong in the past...   


Your previous attempts to quit did NOT fail because you're weak, or because you're "too badly hooked". 

Nor did they fail because quitting smoking is hard…  

They failed because the outdated methods you used only tackled 10% of the problem -  just the very tip of the iceberg.

I'm referring to willpower methods such as "cold turkey" and "cutting down".  

I'm referring to nicotine patches, inhalers and gum.  Electronic cigarettes.  Herbal pills.  Injections and drugs. 

All these methods target only your physical nicotine dependence.  They treat your addiction as if it were a simple physical problem requiring ‘medicine’. 

But nicotine addiction is NOT a simple physical problem.  Physical dependence is just a tiny part of your overall addiction. 

You see, none of those methods fix the REAL problem - the other 90% of your addiction that is hidden beneath the surface...

You must understand that it is not your physical dependence on nicotine that keeps you trapped in the smoking cycle. 
It is something much deeper and more complex...

The REAL problem – the other 90% that has sunk all your attempts to quit – is mental.

You see, nicotine has chemically altered your brain’s dopamine reward system.  Whilst that is a physical process, the effect is a psychological one.  

An artificial need for nicotine has been embedded in your subconscious, and it’s at this subconscious level where the worst cravings are generated.  

Using methods like willpower or Nicotine Replacement Therapy might stop the physical flow of nicotine... 

...but the mental addiction remains deeply rooted in your subconscious, like a virus.

And it keeps on relentlessly producing those cravings, long after the physical nicotine flow has stopped.... 

The good news?   This “mental virus” can be removed.   

But it can only be removed completely by using targeted psychotherapeutic techniques.  

NOT by ignoring it and hoping it will go away.  And CERTAINLY NOT by throwing even more nicotine at it, in the form of patches or gum.

You MUST deal with BOTH parts of your addiction the right way, or you will keep getting those cravings forever...

   Specific, step by step instructions we show you exactly what to do, so nothing is left to chance.

   You choose the timeframe – implement the method at your own pace, as you feel comfortable.

   Tried and tested – this cutting-edge method has been successfully used to cure thousands of happy ex-smokers.

   Permanently removes your mental dependence at the subconscious level – resulting in a permanent end to mental cravings. 

   Nullifies your physical addiction to nicotine simultaneously, with the method’s
dual-action approach.

   Feel relaxed and happy after quitting – no more stress, anxiety or depression without cigarettes.  The method makes quitting easy and painless, no matter how addicted you are.

    You won’t miss cigarettes – by removing the mental dependence, we also remove the feeling of deprivation.  No more feeling like you’re missing out, no more sliding back weeks or months later.

   No hidden costs or hassles – everything you need is contained in the product.

   Privacy and comfort – the method can be used in the privacy and comfort of your
own home.



Normally when you try to quit, you hope you have enough willpower to “hold out long enough” until somehow the urge to smoke will miraculously disappear.  

Sometimes you do manage to hold out for a while– maybe even for several weeks.  But eventually, you cave in.  You tell yourself that the time is just not right, and you’ll try again later. You hate yourself for it, but at least it’s better than having to go without and endure all those intense cravings…

But here’s the really wonderful thing about using the PermaQuit Method: 

This time you won’t have to endure those horrible cravings, and you won’t have to fight any more willpower battles.

By removing the psychological dependence from your subconscious, all the difficult work is already done!  

The PermaQuit Method ensures that by the time you put out your last cigarette, you’ll already know you’ve beaten it.

So why not make it easy on yourself?  There’s no sense in doing things the hard way when you don’t have to!  


“The thing that I'm most impressed with is how easy it's been…”

" I started having a few cigarettes when drinking with friends, and it escalated quickly… but it's been about 6 months now since I quit, and I haven't taken so much as a drag from a cigarette. 

The thing that I'm most impressed with is how easy it's been.  When people light up around me, it feels foreign and unwanted.

I know I won't get started again because it's now genuinely behind me and I really don't feel like them anymore.”    
                                                                              Matthew Parker
                                                                              Toronto, Canada


And if you’ve wasted time and money in the past on “solutions” that just plain didn’t work, here’s even more good news…


Traditional quitting methods have a very low success rate

But worse still, they tend to be expensive and time-consuming.  

Thankfully, this time will be different.  Here are even more advantages to using the highly effective PermaQuit Method:  


No need to spend weeks slowly trying to wean yourself off nicotine


No risky, dangerous drugs or injections with worrying side-effects


No expensive patches, gums, inhalers or sprays


No time-consuming and expensive counselling or therapy sessions


No more poisonous nicotine-based treatments to put into your system


No having to keep a boring “smoking diary”


No over-eating or weight gain


No depression, grumpiness or mood swings


No special dietary requirements


No need to make any big changes to your social life

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

And speaking of wonderful things, take a moment to look at the full benefits of stopping smoking.   There may be a few you were not even aware of


The human body is an astonishing thing.  It can become badly damaged through smoking, and yet if you stop smoking and give your body a proper chance to repair, you’ll be amazed at just how well it can regenerate.

And it’s not just the health benefits – all sorts of other great things will happen too. 


Hugely increased life expectancy


Higher energy levels and better physical fitness


Lower daily stress levels, and better able to deal with stressful situations


Healthier looking skin, fresh breath and whiter teeth


Increased sex drive and improved fertility (yes, actually true)


More money to spend on other things every week


Freedom from the constant nagging need to go and smoke


Self-respect for beating a serious drug addiction


Respect from friends and family for the achievement of quitting

Wouldn’t any single one of these benefits be amazing?  

When you make the decision to finally break free using the PermaQuit Method - you will experience every single one of them.

If you had a life-threatening medical condition that could make you very sick or even kill you, how much would you be prepared to pay to get it fixed?  Hundreds of dollars?  Thousands even? 

You need to think of your nicotine addiction in the same way.  Be under no illusion: smoking kills millions of people every year – more than 5 million people per year according to the World Health Organization – and ruins the health of many more. 

But guess what?  It isn’t going to cost you $1000s of dollars to stop you smoking for good.

It isn’t even going to cost you $500.  Or $400, or even $200. 

Not even $100.    

I’m so keen for you to take that leap and become a happy, healthy non-smoker that for a short time only, I’m going to practically give away the PermaQuit Method for a one-time investment of $37

I’ve been there, and I am just so thankful to have finally escaped.  Now it’s my turn to help you escape too:  

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Oh and one more thing – just to give you even more peace of mind, I’m making sure that you’re fully protected too. 

Here’s how…


I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll successfully quit smoking for good using the PermaQuit Method.   It is just that effective.  

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll succeed, that I am willing to remove every bit of risk with my 60 day money back guarantee.   You can try out the PermaQuit Method for 60 days -- on me.

Yep, that’s right.  If at any time during the first 60 days you feel like this isn't for you... for any reason whatsoever -- simply email me and I will refund you in FULL.  No questions asked.  

Oh – and before I forget…


Yep – when you order the PermaQuit Method today, you’ll also receive these four fantastic healthy-living bonuses (total value $120) as part of the package – yours free today

These wonderful e-book and audio resources are perfect for taking your new healthy non-smoker lifestyle to the next level:


‘How To Eat Right
And Manage
Your Life’

E-book (Value $29)

Discover the healthy eating secrets you can use to lose weight & feel better than you have in years...… without starving yourself or giving up your
favorite foods!

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this amazing guide

   The ABCs of nutrition – discover the essential facts about nutrition and your diet, and what really matters when choosing what to eat.

   The 7 key questions you need to ask when evaluating your current
diet – and understand exactly what needs to change to make it healthier.

   How to eliminate fast food cravings – some great tips for training yourself so that you actually want to eat healthy.

   How foods work together – it’s not just about choosing healthy individual food types, it’s also about how you combine those foods for the healthiest effect.

   How to cut through all the diet misinformation and “fads” out there, and focus on the tried and tested things that actually work.

   Tasty, healthy, easy-to-make recipes that you can start using immediately!

   And much, much more

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‘Fast Fitness For A Busy Schedule’
E-book & Audio
(Value $27)  

This must-have  package shows how to get in shape and stay active, whilst balancing work, home and family needs.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

   The lowdown on cholesterol – get the essential information on cholesterol, your HDL/LDL counts and how to avoid the risks of the dangerous “red zone”.

   How to fit exercise into your work day – and keep your blood flowing while you’re stuck in your cubicle.

   3 effective ways to manage your workouts – and some great ideas for how to keep up your routine even when you get bored.

   6 exercises to use whenever you find yourself stuck without access to a gym, and 11 exercise tools you can take with you anywhere.

   Exercise products to avoid at all costs – for reasons of both health and expense.

   6 tips for travelers to use to stay in shape and keep your routine while away from home.

   And much more…

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‘Detox Diet Plan'
 E-book (Value $37)

A detailed, step-by-step plan to deal effectively with toxic build-up in your body.

The Detox Diet helps increase your stamina and energy, makes the digestive process easier, and maintains overall body health.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

   What you never knew about toxins and your body, and how they must be dealt with.

   Detailed diet strategy – which foods to eat more of, and which to avoid like the plague.

   Instant pick-me-up – the best natural method to cleanse the body for an instant refresh, plus the simple “24-Hour Detox Diet Plan”…

   Delicious Detox Juice Combos – a range of great juice combo recipes that taste as good as they look, and do wonders for your body.

   The truth about caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, coke – and what they are really doing to your body.

   Over-detoxification – how to avoid taking things too far, and how to comfortably deal with any side-effects.

   And much more ...

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How To Boost Your Metabolism

E-book & Audio

At last – stop worrying about how you’re going to lose those extra pounds, and get ready to do something about it… 

Learn how to easily boost your metabolism to burn calories at a rate you’ve never experienced before!

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the package:

   How to program your metabolism – what metabolism really is and how to program it to help you lose weight fast.

    The truth about calories and how your body uses them. 
HINT: Your body doesn't know the difference between the calories in an apple or a bowl of ice cream

   Eat more whilst losing weight – it really is possible!  Discover the hidden way to eat more whilst losing weight, and the “Wonderfood” that takes more energy to break down and burns more calories…

   How to passively burn calories – how to burn off even more calories while you sit around doing nothing.

   Your secret training weapon – a specific training technique that will be your secret weapon for fitness and burning extra calories.

    6 tricks for getting more sleep – useful tips and tricks, plus why getting just the right amount of sleep can help your metabolism grow.

   And much more…

So what are you waiting for?

Cigarettes have a catastrophic effect on the lives of smokers, and the lives of their loved ones.   We only get one life, and each smoker is throwing that life away – puff by puff. 

Every day that you keep smoking increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, reproductive damage and literally hundreds of other diseases and health problems.   (Not to mention the expense, the stained teeth, the bad breath, the reduced sense of taste, the constant mental slavery and more…)

So when are you going to take control of your life? 

Tomorrow?  Next week?  Next year?  You can keep putting it off, keep making excuses, keep saying that “the time isn’t quite right”…  Or you can stand up for yourself and take control of your life today. 

I say this from the bottom of my heart -- I honestly and sincerely believe that ordering the PermaQuit Method will be the best investment you will ever make. 

It could literally save your life

Click the order button above now and you'll immediately receive access to this amazing new method (following your secure payment).

All document files are downloadable in PDF format, and audio files in MP3 format.  You will need programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Media Player on your computer to open the files.

To Your Newfound Freedom,

Paul Peyton

P.S.  You really have two choices here. You can choose to carry on smoking, badly damage your health and spend a fortune to remain trapped in the nicotine prison…  Or you can choose to let PermaQuit crush your addiction and finally escape.  It’s in your hands.

P.P.S   Remember, I'm so confident you'll succeed that I’m willing to remove every bit of risk with my 60 day money back guarantee.  Yep, if at anytime in 60 days you feel like this isn't for you... simply email us and I will refund you in FULL.

P.P.P.S  The PermaQuit Method will not be available at this reduced price of $37 for much longer, so grab it today while you still can: 


Yes, Paul!  I want to quit smoking once and for all, and start my wonderful new life as a happy non-smoker!

I understand that the PermaQuit Method guarantees to permanently remove both parts of my addiction, so that I will never want to smoke another cigarette again.

I understand that the PermaQuit Method removes all the hard work, so there won’t be any more difficult “Willpower Struggles”!   

I understand that this time will be different, and that I can kiss goodbye all those fears, doubts and cravings!   I won’t have to waste any more time and money on ineffective drugs, patches, inhalers and counselling sessions.

And oh yeah -- you're removing any risk for me with your iron clad 100% money back guarantee -- I have 60 days to try this out for myself and see firsthand just how easy and effective the PermaQuit Method really is.

It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below, entering my credit card details, and securing instant access to the PermaQuit Method right now:






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